Sample Post

This is where your first blog post would go. I highly recommend that you have a blog! Why?

With a blog you can: 

- demonstrate your expertise
- build trust (= more sales)
- establish yourself in your niche
- significantly increase traffic to your website
+ it’s the easiest way to grow your email list. 

If written blog posts are not for you, then I encourage you to podcast, film videos or create content in some other way.

What should you blog about? 

You should be sharing your voice + expertise. All posts should be related to what you sell and help educate your ideal client and break down any barriers they have to working with you or purchasing your product. 

Before your launch: 

I recommend having at least 3 blog posts posted to your website before you launch. This gives your audience an idea of what they can expect and is much more appealing than a blank page.

Monica Cavallo